Constantly growing

Natural sugar and fruit concentrates

Dynamic, experienced, and innovative

Belgosuc NV, established in 1990, produces high quality sugar-based ingredients. Our production team has many years of experience in the sugar industry, while Camoco Foods is the company responsible for the comercial work and logistics in the Iberian Península, United States, Middle East and North Africa.

Supreme quality production line

Selected natural sugars are processed into semi-finished products: dissolving, filtering, boiling, mixing, inverting enzymatic hydrolysis, candying, grinding, crystallizing, packaging etc. These processing methods are carried out using high-technology equipment to reach the highest possible standards in the industry. In addition, the entire process is automated optimizing production in the most environmentally friendly way.

At home in Europe

Camoco Foods By Belgosuc produces semi-finished products based on natural sugar and fruit concentrates, which are sold in bulk (cisterns, stainless steel food of 25 MT), 1000 liters on IBC and small packaging. We continue to create our own line of customized products to meet the precise needs of our independent food producers and the industrial food industry throughout Europe.

A laboratory for the 21st century


Customized products


Natural ingredients


Quality control

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